Discover Aerospace Engineering TM (DAE2)

Discover Aviation Now offers the "Aerospace Engineering Experience " (DAE2), which is a classroom based learning lab designed for use in middle and high schools to teach core math and science objectives utilizing individual and team simulation in conjunction with game -based learning applications. Students brainstorm, perform calculations, measure, design, build, troubleshoot, a variety of projects that fly.

Discover Aviation Experience TM (DAE1)

Discover Aviation Now offers the "Discover Aviation Experience" (DAE), where students DISCOVER the world of aviation through a variety of hands on aviation based activities. Students work independently as well as in teams to solve problems and accomplish missions. Students learn about aerodynamics, flight instruments, sectional charts, airspace, weather, flight planning, & much more!!!

Program Details: (DAE1 & DAE2)

Dual 8 week program divided during Fall & Spring semesters

•80hrs of instruction

•Grade level 6th-12th

•30 slots available per semester

Student Selection: Interested students must attend a program orientation and submit an application before being selected to participate in our programs.

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